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Hello there! My name is Nadia, a city girl with great ambitions and a long list of missing ticks on her bucket list.


I’ve been documenting my life and adventures for as long as I remember and I’m so happy in today’s world, we get to share that with each other!


The internet was always what I used during my free time to unleash my creativity. As time went on, the internet and social media grew into a continuous passion for me. A passion which embraces all corners of my life. Last year, I was so thrilled to be admitted to the Digital Media program for my Masters. During that period, I pursued my dream of creating an online store. Now, I want to check off another goal of mine that I had for a while - to create a lifestyle blog.


A blog filled with everything I love, from traveling, fashion, photography, food, events, and just writing anything that I’m passionate about. So finally, here it is! :)


My goal is to inspire you to be your absolute best self and work hard to achieve your dreams! This blog is a space full of positivity - so feel free to stick around for a bit!


Thanks! Message sent.

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