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2018 | What a Year

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

2018 has been my absolute favourite year ever. As I woke up on the morning of New Year’s Eve, I started to reflect on all the memories of the past year. I felt incredibly lucky that I have experienced some life-changing opportunities and accomplishments and have family and friends who mean the world to me who have supported me along the way. From all the highs and the lows, I’m truly grateful of everything.

It has definitely been a monumental year for me. From getting my Masters degree to my top choice program to starting a company to being part of different side projects to traveling to different cities around the world and to so much more!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself on the down days and tell myself that my younger self would have dreamed to be in a place I am right now. So if the young Nadia is proud of me that I got to fulfill her dreams then that’s more than I could ask for. (Yes, I know I’m cheesy but I think we all know that by now)

To be honest at first, I was hesitate to write this blog post because I didn’t want to seem like I’m “bragging” on my accomplishments. However, recently I read something from two companies that I absolutely love - Create & Cultivate and Make Lemonade - is to celebrate your work!

"Brag if you have to! Time to celebrate it. Because if you are not your own cheerleader than who else would be?”

And that really resonated with me because I used to be the girl that would always shy away every time I got complimented for my work even though I knew I worked damn hard for it. So now I want to own what I worked for and share them with you! :)

Here are some of my favourite and memorable moment of 2018

Launch of Noomi

If I had to pinpoint ONE thing that sums up the whole year it would be definitely Noomi.

Launching Noomi is something I’ll never forget. Working day and night for the company and to watch it grow has truly become a blessing. Starting Noomi made some of the most challenging moments of the year but also the most rewarding and successful moments ones as well. The support I received from it is something I’ll always cherish.

Traveling to different cities around the world

If you know me you know that traveling is a big part of my life and it honestly what makes me the happiest. All the memories in England, Jordan, Portugal, UAE, California, New York, and Massachusetts were definitely some of my favourite moments of 2018!

Joining HER Summit and Zuri Curated Events

At the end of 2018, I became part of both HER Summit and Zuri Curated Events. Both platforms empower women and offer amazing experiences for women who want make a mark on the world.

Save the dates:

  • Zuri Curated Events "Run The World - April 28, 2019

  • HER Summit - May 24, 2019

Moving in Together with My Sister

I’ve lived alone for the past 6 years when I moved back to Canada and even though I loved the feeling of independence, I am such a family person so I always had moments where I felt homesick. Then, Spring 2018 came along and my sister and I moved in together to an apartment in downtown Toronto - in a location that I dreamed about living in when I first moved back to Canada! So happy to get to live in the dream location with my best friend.

My Masters graduation

I can't even explain how much this meant to me.

Events I Attended Throughout the Year

The past year, I wanted to attend as many events that are beneficial to me and to my business. I’ve listened and met with such incredible people along the way. Shoutout to my former MDM classmate, Nada who went to most of the events with me - my event partner and supporter!

Featured in Magazines

From Mesopotamia Group Magazine to Influence Magazine to Rumble Magazine - it means the world when your your hard work gets the recognition!


I went to few concerts in 2018 but the two most memorable ones are definitely Beyonce and Drake. I’ve always said that if there was one artist I want to see live in concert, it would be Beyonce because in my opinion, she’s honestly one of the greatest performers in our time. I saw her in Buffalo, New York and boy, she didn’t disappoint. It was AMAZING. For Drake, I went to see him for the second time in Madison Square Garden in NYC so it also became a fun trip out of it!

World Cup

The World Cup is my favourite sports event so I was so excited to watch it this year! I’ve always been an England supporter so to watch the games in England with my friends and family was so much fun - the atmosphere there was so incredible! And the fact that England reached semi-finals was definitely a plus to the whole experience.


I know I already mentioned traveling but this California trip was one of my favourite memories of the year. Getting to spend it with two of the closest people in my life and checking off our bucket lists together was the best! I also got to see some of my closest friends from high school and had a lil reunion with them. And of course, Disneyland is a BIG reason too. If you know me, you know Disney is my absolute world so that itself made me the happiest.

Boston & Attending the WorkParty Event

If you read my Boston blog post, you would know all the details of this trip - to taking a 15 hours bus ride right after my graduation ceremony to visit Boston again, to reunite with my friends, to attend the WorkParty event and to meet the talented Jaclyn Johnson (So inspiring!!) The experience made such a great memory of 2018.

Memories with Friends and Family

All my happiest moments of 2018 are mainly because of the people I got to spend it with that absolutely mean the world to me. You know who you are <3

Spent the Last Day of 2018 with the Two Women I Aspire to Be

The Dubai trip itself was incredible (blog post coming soon!) but as my mum, my grandmother, uncle and I were sitting at a restaurant by Burj Khalifa on New Year's Eve, I was looking back at the whole year and just couldn’t be more thankful. It definitely made me emotional and filled me with tremendous gratitude.

Here’s to 2018 that gave me some of the best experiences to some of the most challenging. I learned so much this year on a business level as well as a personal level. I accomplished so many of my dreams this year and it’s a year I’ll truly never forget. It's honestly all thanks to my family and friends and to YOU reading this right now - the support I receive is something I’ll always hold dear to my heart. Thank you. I’m ready to love every day of 2019, the highs and the lows. Happy New Year! Wishing you a year of health and happiness in 2019 <3