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Activities & Events in Toronto | Winter Edition

As I bundle up with multiple layers due to the extreme cold weather (-33 degrees with windchill - yep, that's Canada for you) I knew I had to write this blog post. Winter blues is at its peak, especially since I’m currently writing this on the 21st of January, which is known as “Blue Monday” - claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.

We can’t change the weather (unfortunately) but we can try to make the best out of what we have! I wanted to share with you few events and activities happening in Toronto in the upcoming weeks to hopefully make the season an enjoyable and memorable one!

Explore the City This Winter Season


Winter Activities

There are so many winter activities to choose from - skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing, and so much more!

I’ve tried skiing before and to be honest, I was a bit terrified (I know, I’m a disgrace of a Canadian) but snow tubing is such a fun alternative so I would recommend it to try it this season if you haven’t before!

Note: There are various free skate nights across the city including the one at Harbourfont Centre. It features different DJs every Saturday so you can enjoy the music while iceskating! - Happening now until February 17

Watch Sports Live at the Stadium

It’s the season of ice hockey, basketball and lacrosse. Whether you watch sports on a regular basis or not, watching a live game at the stadium is such a different experience. I love the atmosphere there and it's so much fun!

Note: Groupon usually have discounts for these games so make sure you constantly check for amazing offers.

Cafes Around the City

One reason I love Toronto is its coffee culture and the fact that there is always a new coffee spot popping up! I love going to cafes in the winter, whether it’s to get work done or meet with some friends. Even though staying indoors is sometimes the only option you have during the winter season, it’s essential to change up your environment from time to time. As an entrepreneur, most of my work gets done from home but I always try to change it up by going to various coffee shops. The environment you are in impacts your mood and productivity level so I would highly recommend trying the different cafes in Toronto.

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED : Best Coffee Shops in Toronto blog post coming soon!!

Road Trips

I’ve said this in a previous post that if you can’t travel abroad, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all! Take a little road trip! When I stay in Toronto during the month of February, I usually try to plan a small trip that’s close by to put me in a better mood. The four locations I usually pick from during this time of the year are New York, Montreal, Blue Mountain, and Niagara Falls. And yes, they’re all super cold in the Winter - but because they’re so beautiful and fun places to go to with friends and family, you tend to forget the cold weather and just enjoy your time there!

If you’re deciding on your next road trip, it all comes down to how how long the drive is, so here's a little note of the duration for each: (from downtown Toronto by car)

  • Niagara Falls: 1h 45min

  • Blue Mountain: 2h 30min

  • Montreal: 5h 30min

  • New York: 8h 20min


Didn’t get a chance to go to the Distillery District during the Christmas Market due to the crowds? No worries! You can still experience the sparkling lights in a whole new way at the Toronto Light Festival - from January 19 until March 4

If you haven’t visited the ROM then a perfect time to do so is on Friday night for their “ROM Friday Night Live” with food, drinks, and live music! I haven’t been to one yet but I did go to their New Year’s Eve party last year and it was such a cool experience to enjoy the night dancing away among the fossils and exhibitions there.

Explore Toronto’s Food Culture at this Year’s Winterlicious - January 25 until February 7

If you’re like me and love going to Instagrammable places then you should definitely visit the art installations taking over Hudson’s Bay! Not only are the eight rooms a perfect photo op for your Instagram but it’s totally free! - Starting Jan 27

To my fellow tea lovers - Drink up some of the finest teas in the world at the Toronto Tea Festival on the 2nd of February

Love fashion? Toronto Fashion Week is happening on February 5-7

Bloor-Yorkville Icefest 2019 “Hollywood North” - February 9-10

“Toronto’s premier cultural district will become a showcase of incredible ice sculptures and live ice carving demonstrations. This year’s theme is Hollywood North, transforming the neighbourhood into a magical display of over 70,000 lbs. of crystal-clear ice carved into magnificent sculptures inspired by the success of the film industry in Toronto and Yorkville, known as the home of the stars!”

Did you miss the chance to see the Infinity Mirrors in the city? Well it’s coming back! Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors will reopen on the 3rd of March!

Are there any winter events and activities you know of that I didn’t mention? Let me know! Let’s explore this city together!


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