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Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

Coffee has become a part of Toronto’s culture. As I mentioned on my previous post - one of the reasons I love Toronto is its coffee culture and the fact that there is always a new coffee spot popping up! I absolutely love going to cafes throughout the year whether it’s to get work done or to meet with some friends. I go to a coffee shop minimum twice a week and love exploring all the different cafes the city has to offer! And since there are tons in the city, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ones for you to check out!

Himalayan Coffee House

One of my favourite coffee shops in Toronto! They have the cutest latte art that I’m a sucker for - I always get so excited to see what they come up with every time I go (As you can see from the pictures below, I do sometimes request it to make it Disney-related!) Not only is the coffee pretty to look at, but it’s delicious! They have so many different syrup flavours and for the sweet tooth I am, it makes me love it even more. I definitely recommend to try it if you’re in the area!

What I usually order: Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk

Page One

I discovered this spot during the year I was doing my Masters since it was right by my campus and I absolutely loved it! I went to this cafe the most amount of times in 2018 - mostly to get work done. (Heads up: I usually work there during the day but the cafe gets more dim at night with loud music) What I loved about this spot is that even though it’s in the heart of downtown, it’s a big space so you’ll always find a spot! Great coffee, food and service!

What I usually order: Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk & the Vegan Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap

Hailed Coffee

If you're looking for something extraordinary, Hailed Coffee is a very special coffee shop serving Turkish coffee and cardamom flavoured lattes. They have various Middle Eastern desserts and pastries and they also have all sorts of dates that you can taste - and for a date lover, I was in heaven! The spot made me feel like I was back home in the Middle East and loved that feeling! Also, they have specific hours during the month of Ramadan if anyone is craving good coffee late at night!

What I usually order: Iced Latte with lactose free milk (with either a Vanilla shot or Hail shot)

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

Because I used to live around the corner from this place, I always used to go and loved it! Both their coffee and food are delicious! I always try to go during brunch time so I can order from their food menu - I’ve tried the Eggs Benny, the Avocado Toast, and the Blueberry Ricotta Toast - all were really good. However because the spot is always so busy, I always avoid going on the weekends because it’s so hard to find a table then. Also, keep in mind they have a no laptop policy during their peak hours.

What I usually order: Vanilla Latte & Eggs Benny

The Poet Cafe

Love love love this place ! I have been to this cafe multiple times and it has always been a perfect experience - the food is delicious! I definitely recommend the Tahini Date Omelette if you’re going for Sunday’s brunch. Keep in mind that their brunch menu is different on weekends to the weekday. I’ve also tried few of their salads and they taste so fresh and so good! Also, the interior and the decor provide a warm atmosphere and not to mention, the various details on the walls and floor make the place aesthetically pleasing - perfect to get your Instagram pictures here!

What I usually order: Date Latte with lactose free milk & either their salad/date omelette

Neo Coffee Bar

Neo Coffee Bar is a really cute and modern spot! The coffee is carefully crafted and deep in flavour. I always love going for their Vanilla Latte - it's very smooth coffee! The place has a quiet, yet comforting environment to sit back and relax with your friend or to do some work.

What I usually order: Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk

Teddy Story

This place is so unique - it’s actually a teddy bear store but has a cafe as well! And it’s SO cute! Absolutely adorable! You can drink coffee and eat desserts with teddy bears surrounding you. This is a feel good place with Paddington Bear playing on their big screen - even the latte art is in the shape of bears! As you probably noticed from reading this blog post, I usually order a Vanilla Latte but Teddy Story has SO many appealing and unique options on the menu that I’ve always ordered something different every time I visited - and loved every single one! To top it off, staff is extremely helpful, cheery and nice!

Jimmy’s Coffee

If you go, definitely get their JVO (Jimmy’s Very Own) - It’s delicious! I’ve been to various locations but I always choose which one to go to depending on the weather. During the summer, I enjoy going to the Kensington Market location because of their outdoor seating. It's one of my favourite cafes to go to during summer, especially because their iced drinks are too good! During the winter, I like to go to their Portland locations - it gives a more of a cozy feel and it's a very easy to commute by the TTC - which is needed during the harsh winters of Canada. Jimmy’s Coffee is not only one of my favourites but also the city's! There are so many locations in Toronto due to it’s popular demand.

What I usually order: Iced JVO with lactose free milk

Snakes and Lattes

If you’re in in a mood to do an activity but want it on the relaxing side of things then this is a perfect place to go to - especially with a big group! For $8, you can play unlimited games for the whole day! You could drink and eat too with their wide selections on the menu. The atmosphere here is always so fun and I always had a good time every time I visited!

What I usually order: Nutella Latte with lactose free milk

Snap Coffee

This coffee experience was both fun and delicious! It’s so fun using their latte art machine. I chose a specific design that the machine offered but you can upload your own photo up onto the machine as well - which is what my friend ended up doing! I would definitely recommend this cute little cafe to friends as a unique and fun coffee experience.

What I usually order: Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk

Balzac's Coffee Roasters

I’ve been to all the different Balzacs in the city and loved the decor of each of them! There are many coffee options and food options as well. I’ve tasted a couple of different options on the menu and they have all hit the spot! Also, the environment is so nice with their service, interior, and music. However, because it is also loved by the city, it’s usually always busy so it’s harder to get a table.

What I usually order: Iced/Hot Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk

Versus Coffee

I love the space of this spot and their colorful drinks (one of the best in the city - in terms of both look and taste) and they have incredibly kind baristas - always put on a smile on my face whenever I go! I absolutely love coming here during the warmer days to sit at their patio section - provides such a cute atmosphere.

What I usually order: Colorful Vanilla Latte with lactose free milk

I have tons of more favourite coffee shops to go to in the city - the list goes on! So let me know if you want a part 2!

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So there are two main points we took from this post: 1) There are SO many amazing coffee shops in Toronto 2) I'm pretty boring with my coffee order and end up always getting a Vanilla Latte (woops!)