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When starting this blog, the thing I was most excited to write about was my travels around the world. It honestly made me who I am (I know I know, cheesy - but it’s true) I moved around the world from Iraq, Canada, Jordan and England. Each country had an impact in my life and each has given me memories I hold dear to my heart.

I moved so many times that I was in 7 different schools before the age of 10. But not only have I moved from place to place throughout my life but I’ve also visited 28 countries around the world. It started from my family - they are travel junkies. Anytime we had days off or free time, we would pack our bags and explore a new country and it’s something I’m SO thankful for. At such a young age, I explored so many beautiful cities that gave me hope and inspiration to this day.

Even at the lowest times in my life, the only thing that kept me excited was waiting on that little vacation to get inspired all over again from what the world has to offer. I will always be grateful that I got to travel around the world with my family and friends throughout my life.

When I moved on my own to Canada for university, I still wanted to continue the constant traveling that I was so used to with my family. And that’s why the month after I got to Canada I visited one of my top bucket list places at the time - California!

You might be thinking how is it possible to travel so much when it’s so expensive? In my case of being a student, living on my own, and starting a company, I financially struggled but as I mentioned before, traveling makes me feel the happiest so why would I give that up? I believe traveling is the best kind of investment. Not only are you learning so much about the history, the culture, and the people of another country but you learn so much about yourself.

There are always tactics to travel on a budget. For example, since coming to Canada 6 years ago, I visited New York 10 times but the majority of the time was by a 12 hour bus ride - yes, that’s right TWELVE HOURS one way. And remember the Boston trip I talked about in my previous post? I took a bus there as well...a 15 HOURS bus ride!

My point is sometimes you don’t have the money to travel to your top destinations in the most luxurious way but regardless you should just TRAVEL. It’s something I’m truly passionate about and always encourage others to do more often because it honestly is one of the best things to experience. It’s a whole experience that changes you.

I can’t wait to share with you guys all my travels from the 28 countries I’ve visited and to the countries I’m hopefully going to visit in the future! I don’t even know where to start! So let me know if there’s a specific country you want me to talk about or any traveling tips you want me to share!

So excited to share with you my travels and want you to share yours as well! What’s your top 3 bucket list locations?


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