• Nadia

My first blog post!

It’s a Thursday afternoon in Orange County, California and I’m currently sitting in Coffee Bean writing this - my first blog post!

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but there were so many factors that stopped me from creating one whether it was being nervous of how people would perceive it or being too busy on tackling other things. I promised myself that once I complete my Masters program, I’ll finally do it!

And here I am! I finished my program just 3 weeks ago and it feels so surreal.

I’ve been studying and working for 23 years and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a complete nerd who always has a book in her hand studying - even in social events or on vacation (I know, party pooper right?)

So the moment I clicked the submit button under my thesis paper and was fully done with school, I wanted to do something for myself that I absolutely love - and that’s to travel.

I booked tickets to go to California to see one of my bestest friends (hey Tala!) and set a goal to finish the blog that I started. Traveling motivates me in so many ways and it made me believe in myself to go all in and do this - and here we are!

I’m so excited to start this for myself and can’t wait to share with you everything that I’m passionate about with all things travel, fashion, photography, events and so much more!

Here you’ll find everything from city guides to event ideas to fashion inspirations! I can’t wait to start this and hope you’ll be here to stick around through it all!

Welcome to Life with Nadia :)