• Nadia

My First-Ever Create & Cultivate Conference | New York 2019

WOW! What a weekend! In case you haven’t been following along on Instagram, I attended my first-ever Create & Cultivate conference this month. I’ve been following Create & Cultivate for YEARS and have always wanted to attend their conferences so I was ecstatic that I got to attend their NYC one! And Noomi got to sponsor the event and be part of it as well!!

The jam-packed day was filled with meaningful conversations, inspiring panels, and empowering women who are absolutely dominating!

What is Create & Cultivate?

C&C is an incredible platform, both on and offline, for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. They strive to be the go-to resource for the modern women in the working world. They are all about connecting successful like-minded women which is why their motto is 'Collaboration Over Competition'.

At their conferences they bring together both the best in the business and the next generation of creatives and spark conversation around topics that they are passionate about. Gathered in one central location, attendees get access to panels, keynote speakers, mentor sessions, Q&A's, brand activations and more!

For this conference, I was in Track 2, which focused on influencer marketing, content creation and social media best practices. Track 1 consists of entrepreneurship and business best practices, finance tips and more. Since I’m a business owner who is also a content creator, I would have been pleased with either of the two!

The conference started at 8am and ended at 9pm, so it was a pretty long day! But it didn’t feel like that at all - There were SO many things happening all at once from panels, mentor sessions, networking sessions, a popup market, and so much more! The day flew by because you would constantly be doing something that was both exciting and informative. Also, there were hundreds of Instagram-worthy spots to snap a photo (which if you know me, you know I absolutely loved that as well!)

These are the panels that I attended in the conference (Track 2):

  • Exploring the Role of Diversity, Inclusion, and Politics in the Workplace

  • Pod Squad: Meet the Ladies Killing the Podcast Game

  • The Personal is Professional: How to Build a Brand You Love and Brands Want to Work With

  • Mentor Power Hour

  • Fireside Chat: Amber Heard and Mandana Dayani

  • Marketing Masterclass: Showing up in the Social Offline and Online World

  • Meet the Moguls: The People Dominating the Fashion and Beauty Game

  • Changemakers: The Women Breaking Boundaries and Building Businesses

  • Keynote Speaker: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Michelle Lee

  • Keynote Speaker: Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Johnson

  • Keynote Speaker: Ashley Graham and Jaclyn Johnson

Being able to learn from so many incredible women from different backgrounds that successfully accomplish unique and powerful goals is so inspiring.

As I previously mentioned, I loved the conference! But if there was one thing I would change, it would be to have more time to network with the mentors and all the attendees. There was so much happening and so little time to do it all that I always felt like I was missing something! I would have loved the conference being a 2 days event with shorter hours than a 1 full day (+13 hours one) - where it seems so long but not long enough to finish everything.

But overall, it was absolutely amazing. I’m still on a creative high after attending! I feel so motivated to continue to pursue all my passions and see what the future holds :)

Here are some of my favourite quotes of the conference:

“When someone puts you in a box, change what the walls of the box are made out of.” - Amber Heard

“I want to be on the right side of history and change.” - Amber Heard

Creating a vulnerable space is the only way we are going to tell truly authentic stories that serve as justice towards communities that constantly have been misrepresented. - Noor Tagouri

You need to know your worth in the workplace—there’s nothing wrong with building each other up, having these conversations, and taking it on together.” - Ashley Graham

"Every industry was being eaten by digital...I knew the fashion industry was coming next." - Tamara Mellon

“I have a silly little motto: When you’re through changing, you’re through. You have to be able to change and swerve to adapt.” - Martha Stewart

I captured the whole day on Instagram stories! Check it out on my highlight section “CC NYC”

Have you been to a Create & Cultivate conference? What was one thing you learned from it? - whether it’s a quote from a speaker, someone new you met, something about yourself or the day in general! And for those who hasn’t, feel free to join in! Let us know something you learned this week that was an eye-opener to you as well!