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Simply Us; Why I Started the Podcast

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

What is Simply Us?

Sisters, Noor and Nadia talk candidly about their life experiences from work, success, travel, relationships, and so much more. They love to enjoy the simple things in life by being simply themselves! Welcome to Simply Us.

Since the first set of episodes of Simply Us are out, I wanted to share with you what Simply Us is all about and why we decided to start this podcast in the first place!

My sister and I are very similar that we constantly joke about how we have the same mind. For example, we would go shopping separately but end up coming back home with the same EXACT item from the same store. I even remember once we both wrote a birthday card for our friend and finding out we had wrote the same thing - word for word.

Yet we’re also very different. We have different sense of style, taste in music, and different characteristics. It’s hard to explain how you can be so similar to someone yet have so many differences. And that’s why one of the reasons we thought it would be fun to do this podcast together is to share our experiences and our different perspectives on certain topics.

We wanted to make this podcast very natural by being authentic and true to ourselves. The podcast gives you that feel that we are sitting across from you and that you are part of the conversation! Even though Simply Us gives you that chill and casual vibe, each episode has something you can take away from, whether it’s learning from our experiences, getting advice, or picking up some tips and tricks. That was one of our main goals of this podcast - to learn something in every episode!

In some of the episodes, we talk about our favourite moments and share the good times, but we also discuss some of our most vulnerable moments in our lives, such as our insecurities or challenges we have individually faced. We wanted to keep it real and create a safe space for our listeners.

There are five episodes for our first set and we hope to record more soon! Do you have a topic in mind you would like for us to discuss? Let us know!

Here are the topics of the first five episodes of Simply Us:

What Does Success Mean to You?

Episode one of Simply Us serves as an introduction to Noor and Nadia and what to expect from their new podcast. During this episode the sisters discuss what success truly means to them.

The New Girl

In today’s episode, Noor and Nadia talk about both the struggles and benefits of being “the new girl” and get candid about their past experiences. Have you moved to a new school, job, or country? This episode is perfect for you!

Travel Series: New York City

Traveling around the world, Noor and Nadia have a sense of wanderlust. During their Travel Series, they share their tips & tricks and share the top spots you should check out when visiting these beautiful destinations. The first Travel Series is on one of their favourite cities; New York City!


Noor and Nadia talk about how they gained their confidence and discuss the importance of self-love. What is one thing that makes you feel confident? Let us know!

Corporate World vs Entrepreneurial Life

Having two different work styles, the sisters discuss the pros and cons of each. Noor is an Area Recruiter for H&M working alongside the HR department in Toronto. Nadia is the founder & CEO of her company, Noomi and also works in various companies as the Digital Marketer and Brand Manager.

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