• Nadia


In honour of International Women’s Day, I want to dedicate this post to something that has been a big part of my life the past few months - HER; an inclusive growing modern-day movement of women who are making their mark on the world and the two empowering women who started it all - Huda Alvi and Rebecca Laramee.

HER Summit will be the first of it's kind coming to Toronto bringing together conversations that matter and offers a transformational experience of connecting women who RISE, RALLY, and RULE. Huda and Rebecca’s goal for HER is to bring together leaders and changemakers in one place!

Get to know Huda

Huda is the co-founder of The Girls Trip, a women’s only travel company. She is a content creator and is passionate about encouraging others to live their authentic selves and not their curated version.

Get to know Rebecca

Rebecca is an HR consultant amongst many other things. A social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker, raising close to a million dollars for charities. Rebecca sits on the board at Sinai Health Systems, and is an avid traveller, writer, and wellness ambassador. Rebecca is passionate about community, and inspiring others to live a life that is fully engaged.

What inspired you both want to create HER Summit?

“We wanted to get our mind and heart involved in things that we truly care about and that’s when we decided to create something we truly believe in. Often, women and their allies don’t have a seat at the table to discuss the key issues that affect their lives. We wanted to have a brand that creates a safe space to facilitate these discussions.”

On May 24, 2019, the HER Summit comes alive and will hold over 500 women who will shout, scream, laugh, network, and listen to a day filled with talks that will move your heart and your soul. Their goal is to not only have you walk away feeling celebrated and inspired, but empowered to think or do something differently in the way you live you life.

As you have noticed in my previous posts, part of my core values is women empowerment and that’s why joining the HER team is something I truly hold dear to my heart. Supporting other women and being part of a change that gives more women a voice is so fulfilling. And through this process, I have met so many incredible women that are part of the HER team. We came together to be a part of something that move us and inspire us.

So I wanted to dedicate my International Women’s Day post to Huda, Rebecca and the rest of the HER team for coming together and creating something bigger than all of us.

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